National Slate Museum

Exploring the History of Welsh Slate at the National Slate Museum

The National Slate Museum is a fascinating site located in Llanberis, dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the Welsh slate industry. The museum is housed in the old workshops of the Dinorwig slate quarry and provides a unique glimpse into the life of the quarrymen.

The Dinorwig quarry was once the second-largest slate quarry in the world, and the museum showcases the technology, tools, and equipment used to extract the slate from the mountains. A collection of artifacts tell the story of the people who lived and worked in the quarry, including photographs, paintings, and personal belongings.

One of the most impressive exhibits at the museum is the slate-splitting demonstration. Visitors can watch as skilled craftsmen demonstrate the traditional techniques used to split slate into thin, flat sheets - a mesmerizing display of skill and precision. Visitors can even try their hand at slate-splitting for themselves!

Another highlight is the locomotive shed, which houses a collection of steam engines and other railway equipment. The locomotives were used to transport slate from the quarries to the ports, visitors can see them up close and learn about their history and operation.

Guided tours of the quarry workshops allow visitors to learn about the various jobs and trades involved in the slate industry. From the quarrymen who extracted the slate from the mountain to the carpenters who made the tools and the blacksmiths who maintained the machinery. The tours offer a fascinating insight into the life and work of the people who shaped the industry.

The National Slate Museum is perfect for anyone interested in Welsh history and heritage. With its fascinating exhibits, demonstrations, and tours, it offers a unique insight into the slate industry that shaped the landscape and communities of North Wales. So why not head to Llanberis and discover the history and beauty of Welsh slate for yourself?

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