Terms and Conditions of Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire 

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. They set out the basis on which we arrange your hire accommodation and other services. 

Your contract will be with EDR Estate Ltd trading as Hendre Rhys Gethin. By entering into this booking you accept that you are 25 years of age or older and you agree for yourself and the members of your party to comply with the Terms and Conditions set out below. Before making the booking you should read the Terms and Conditions carefully and discuss any term with us which you do not understand. 

In the following Terms & Conditions of Hire EDR Estates Ltd will be referred to as the Company and yourselves as the Hirer/s. The Company reserves the right to add to and/or otherwise amend these rules at its discretion. Unreserved acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions is a requirement for all hire applicants. 

  1. Terms  The duration of your stay will usually either be for one week starting Friday or Monday or for a short break starting Monday or Friday for the accommodation as equipped and described with a check-in time between 4pm and 9.30pm, check-out by 10am. You are obliged to leave the rental accommodation in as clean and tidy condition as it was on your arrival. You are responsible for any damage done or loss sustained to the property during your stay unless any damage or loss was caused through our own negligence.Prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate. In the event of a change in the rate of VAT during the course of the year, you will be invoiced at the new rate of VAT unless you have already taken your holiday or paid the balance in full prior to the date of the change. We reserve the right to alter prices in our brochure or on the website, which may go up or down. We will advise you of the current price before you make the booking.The terms and conditions for bookings may change from time to time, please check at the time of booking.
  2. Use of Accommodation  The hired property shall be used solely for holiday purposes and the hirer shall not sublet the properties or any part of the properties, or any equipment hired to the hirer. The hirer shall not acquire any tenancy rights in the premises nor shall the hirer have any security of tenure under the Rent Act.
  3. Making a booking  Any promotional offers and bookings are subject to availability. A binding contract comes into existence between you and us once we have received your cleared deposit and we have issued a booking confirmation invoice by email, fax or post. You must check your booking confirmation invoice and booking as well as all other documents we send as soon as you receive them. If any information appearing on any document appears to be inaccurate in any way, you must let us know as soon as possible. We regret we cannot accept any liability to make changes if we are not notified of any inaccuracy in any document within 10 days of the date of sending the document. The contract will be subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
  4. Number in your party  The total number in your party must not exceed the capacity of the accommodation as advertised by us. If the party number is greater than advertised capacity, the Company reserves the right to decline entry onto the premises and Hirer is not entitled to a refund. Babies under the age of 2 may be in addition to the total capacity of your accommodation. Cot space in many of our holiday home types are limited and cots will only fit in the lounge in some rental accommodation. Contact us for further details. No mid-stay changing of guests is permitted, and no visiting guests are allowed.
  5. Payment  When you book you must pay the applicable deposit requested. Standard Deposit is 25% of the total holiday cost. Your balance is due and payable by the date printed on your booking confirmation invoice, which is 30 days before your holiday start date. For bookings made within 30 days of your holiday start date, you must pay the full amount when you make your booking. If the deposit and/or balance is not paid on time, and we have notified you of the outstanding balance, the Company reserves the right to cancel your booking.
  6. Good housekeeping deposit  In making a booking you accept responsibility for any theft, breakage or damage caused by you or any member of your party and agree to indemnify us in full for any loss that we may incur as a result. Please treat the facilities and accommodation with due care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them. In the event that you notice damage in your accommodation please let us know immediately so that we can take the appropriate action. If there have been any breakages during your stay, we would be grateful if you could advise us before you leave. The accommodation will be inspected at the end of the holiday and you may be charged for any loss or damage found. A refundable good housekeeping deposit of £150 + £25 per bed space shall be paid either on arrival or through our booking channels when and if requested. The security deposit will be returned within 14 days of the end of your holiday less the cost of any damage/breakages if occurred.
  7. Changes by you   Once your booking has been confirmed by the Company, should you require it to be amended or re-invoiced for any reason (including for example accidental loss of the original invoice), if we accept this change, a fee of £35.00 will be charged. You may not transfer your booking to someone else, Bookings may not be transferred to any other parties after the booking has been cancelled by you or us.
  8. Cancellation by you  Telephone us immediately if you have to cancel and on the same day send us written/email confirmation quoting your booking number. Your cancellation is effective from the date we receive your written confirmation, which will be acknowledged. Standard cancellation policy is 25% of the total which is non refundable at the time of booking, full payment due if cancelled less than 28 days before check-in. It is suggested that booking guests take out appropriate holiday/cancellation insurance where required.
  9. Cancellation by us  Very occasionally, in circumstances of force majeure or because we have cancelled the booking due to an outstanding deposit and/or balance of the booking fee, we may have to cancel your booking. We will inform you as soon as possible, and offer you an alternative or a full refund, as appropriate. We regret we cannot pay compensation or any reimbursement of any expenses or costs you may incur as a result of any such cancellation or change.
  10. Cleaning  The hirer shall at all times maintain the property and leave the property in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the let, otherwise a cleaning charge will be incurred.
  11. Linen & Towels   Bed linen and towels are provided for your use within the accommodation, and must not be taken off the premises.
  12. WiFi & Appropriate Usage Policy Where WiFi Internet access is provided and when technically available, guests accept to use this access to the Internet fairly and appropriately. We may monitor network performance and user usage in order to maintain a fair and high level of service to all our guests. The Internet access provided is intended for general use such as access to the world wide web, email, messaging, social media, light video / music / media streaming. It is not intended or ideally suited for heavy media streaming, online gaming, and extensive downloads / uploads. Access to illegal activity or use of our network for illegal activity is prohibited and will be reported to relevant authorities.
  13. Brochure and Website accuracy  We have taken care to ensure the accuracy at the time of publication of our brochure and continuously with the website; however information and prices may change from time to time. There may be small differences between the actual accommodation and facilities and its description, as we are always looking for ways to make improvements. We will take all reasonable steps to notify you of any changes to, or inaccuracies in any information contained in our brochure or on our website as soon as reasonably practicable after we become aware of that change or inaccuracy.
  14. Activities and facilities  We reserve the right to alter or withdraw amenities or facilities or any activities where reasonably necessary due to repairs, maintenance, weather conditions and any circumstances beyond control. If we have to withdraw amenities or facilities or any activities due to repairs or maintenance then, on the basis that the repairs or maintenance are not emergency repairs or maintenance, we will notify you before your holiday what those closures will be. We regret that we may not be able to notify you of adverse weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances affecting the activities and facilities on the park.
  15. Unreasonable behaviour  We have the right to refuse access onto the premises if the unreasonable behaviour of anyone in your party is likely to cause offence to other guests or members of staff. In such cases a refund will not be given, the contract will be terminated and we will have no further liability.We reserve the right to terminate a holiday after the keys have been handed over, if the unreasonable behaviour of anyone in your party is likely to impair the enjoyment, comfort or health of other guests or members of staff. In these circumstances a refund will not be given, the contract will be terminated and we will have no further liability.
  16. Damage to Accommodation  An inventory will be undertaken prior to your arrival and on departure to identify any losses or damages that may be incurred during your stay. You are responsible for any damage caused and for any losses incurred in the accommodation during the period of hire. We have the right to enter any accommodation (without prior notice if this is not practical or possible) if special circumstances or emergencies arise (for example if repairs need to be carried out).
  17. Party Type.  The organiser or leader of a group or party booking is responsible for providing the party details. Should you arrive at your accommodation with such a group without notifying us of the required details we have the right to refuse to hand over the accommodation to you. We are a quiet, relaxing, family park and therefore do not accept groups nor party bookings.
  18. Accessibility  Regrettably the accommodation we feature is unsuitable for many visitors with mobility difficulties. To ensure the accommodation and location is suitable for visitors with a disability, it is essential that all booking requests from parties, including people with special needs, give us full and clear details of those needs at the time of booking.
  19. Smoking  All our holiday accommodation is non-smoking.
  20. Force Majeure  We cannot accept responsibility or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of the contract is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which amount to “force majeure”. Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” include any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such circumstances include the destruction or damage of your accommodation which cannot reasonably be remedied to a satisfactory standard before the start of your holiday through fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, epidemic and all similar situations beyond our control.
  21. Pets and Animals  All our holiday rental accommodations do not accept pets or animals of any kind.
  22. Your Vehicles  Your vehicles, their accessories and contents are left entirely at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss or damage from or to any vehicle unless any loss or damage was caused through our own negligence or breach of statutory duty.
  23. Our responsibility for your booking  We are responsible for making your booking in line with your instructions. However, in the event that we are legally responsible to compensate you we will compensate you for loss or damage that we and you could have reasonably foreseen at the time of entering the booking. We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury that arises as a result of our negligence or that of any of our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.
  24. Comments or concerns  You must notify us of any shortcomings with your accommodation immediately so that remedial action, if appropriate, can be taken. It may affect the investigation of your complaint and may impact on the level of compensation that you may be entitled to if you fail to notify ourselves of any complaint or claim during your holiday and write to us with full details within 28 days after your holiday has ended.
  25. Data Protection Policy  In order to process your booking we need to use the information you provide such as name, address, any special needs etc. Proper security measures are in place to protect your information. The information may also be provided to security or credit checking companies, public authorities such as customs/immigration if required by them, or as required by law or under this booking.
  26. Marketing  We will hold your information, where collected by us, and may use it to provide you with a holiday or special offer information. If you do not wish to receive such approaches in the future, please write to us. We will not pass your information on to any third parties for marketing use without your permission.
  27. Hot tub  Guests must abide by the hot tub safety rules as detailed in the information pack. If any members of the hiring party do not oblige to the safety rules then the Company reserves full rights to prohibit access to the Hot tub, with no refund given. 
  28. Departure  Late departure will result in an additional charge being made. Please ensure keys are handed over or returned to the office, any unreturned keys will be charged.
  29. Park rules  Please adhere to the park rules, guests that do not adhere to the rules may be prohibited from the premises and no refund will be given.


The Following Rules Must Also Be Adhered To: 


Strictly no pets.

Paying guests only. 

Strictly no smoking in the accommodation or within 5 meters of any openings or gas meters.

Hirers are not permitted to use motorised caravans, cars, vans or tents as additional sleeping accommodation. 

Barbeques are not allowed.

Items must not be removed from the accommodation.

No Groups or parties

No hot objects on decking e.g. Pans, cigarettes, bbq etc.

Vehicles to be driven in designated areas only e.g. not on grass

Accommodation to be left clean and tidy on departure.



No profession, business, trade or agency of any nature may be carried out on the Park.

Renters and their guests are required to: 

  1. a) Act in a courteous and considerate manner towards the Company’s employees and other customers of the Company. 
  2. b) To supervise children properly so that they are not a nuisance or a danger to themselves or others. 
  3. c) Not to commit any criminal offence at the Park or use the Holiday Home for the furtherance of criminal activity. 
  4. d) Do not commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance or use of any unlawful drugs.

No open fires are permitted on the Park.

No firearms, explosives, fireworks or other dangerous goods may be stored or used on the Park. It is forbidden to carry offensive weapons or other objects likely to offend on the Park. 

Noise should be kept to a minimum and not cause annoyance to other Caravan or Holiday Home users, visitors or neighbours. Noise, music or any other nuisance will not be tolerated after 10.00pm. Please keep noise to a minimum past 9:00pm and before 8.00am.

No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in any of the common areas of the Park.

It is forbidden to interfere with any Company property, plant and machinery or disturb or damage any flora or fauna.

Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult who will be responsible for their safety.

Children may not ride bicycles, so as to cause a nuisance to others.

Ball games shall not be played in any location on the Park -public football field and play area nearby.

Vandalising or defacing site property will lead to the termination of the Agreement. The Company reserves the right to claim damages.


Vehicles, Boats etc 

No more than two cars may be parked adjacent to the rental accommodation; any additional cars must gain the permission of the park manager and be parked in the visitor’s car park.

All drivers are requested to observe the 10 mph speed limit within the Park at all times.

Only private motor vehicles may be brought onto the Park and drivers are asked to keep to the designated road areas.

Vehicles must be adequately insured and comply with all relevant legislation in force.

Drivers must hold a current driving license applicable to the class of vehicle being driven. Learner drivers are NOT permitted to drive vehicles on the Park.

No motorcycles, mopeds, other motorized vehicles, personal watercraft, wet bikes, trailers, jet skis, remote controlled vehicles or similar devices are permitted on the Park.

Hirers are not permitted to bring boats of any sort onto the Park 

Motor vehicle repairs may not be carried out on the Park. 

Washing of vehicles on site is not permitted. 

We ask cyclists to ride with care and concern for everyone. Cycling is only allowed on the roads.

Guests must ensure that their personal and vehicle insurance covers third party liability whilst within the park. 


Liabilities & Insurance

The site and its facilities are used entirely at the guests’ own risk. No refunds will be made under any circumstances.

The company shall incur no liability whatsoever in the event of any part of the site or any of the facilities being unavailable because of unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond the Park’s control. 

The Company is absolved of all liability for accidents, loss or damage to any person or property.

The Company and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, damage to or theft from any rental accommodation unless the same be caused or contributed to by negligence or default on the part of the Company, its servants or agents. 

Cars and all other property are on the Park entirely at the owner’s risk. The Company and their employees and agents shall not be liable for loss, theft or damage to or from any holiday home or other property.

The Company and their employees and agents shall not be liable for any injury, accident or mishap to any person or property on the Park engaged in any permitted or forbidden activity whether or not the same be caused or contributed to as a result of negligence or default on the part of the Company, their employees or agents.

The Company shall not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any rental accommodation keys.

The Hirer shall indemnify the Company and keep him indemnified from and against all actions, proceedings and claims by third parties in respect of any visitors. 



Any dispute arising from or on the construction or interpretation of the above Terms & Conditions of Hire shall be determined by the Company whose decision shall be final. Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions may result in immediate termination of the Hirers stay.


Your Contract

A binding contract comes into existence when your booking is confirmed by a cleared deposit. This contract is governed by English Law. It is mutually understood and agreed that any dispute, claim or any other matter that arises out of this contract or your holiday will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.